11 Funny Dating and Marriage Traditions Around the World

Amusing Dating and Marriage Customs from Around the Globe

Ladies and gentlemen, lovebirds and soon-to-be-wed folk, gather around! Today, we’re taking a plunge into the unpredictable and often uproarious world of funny dating and marriage traditions from across the globe. From finding the one through whip-cracking races to marital blankets, we’ve got it all. So grab your cup of coffee, or perhaps a glass of wine, and let’s embark on a hilariously heartwarming journey of the facts of life!

Love – the universal language that makes the world go round. But how people express and celebrate it can be vastly different, and often, downright hilarious! In this edition of Facts of Life, we’re taking you on a whirlwind tour of the world’s funniest, weirdest, and most peculiar dating and marriage customs. Brace yourselves, folks, it’s going to get wild!

Interesting Dating and Marriage Customs

1. Scotland: The Blackening of the Bride and Groom

So, you’re in Scotland, ready to tie the knot. But before you get all dolled up for the big day, be prepared for the unexpected. Traditionally, friends and family of the bride and groom ambush them and cover them in…well, let’s just say unsavory substances. Mud, feathers, spoiled food – you name it! It’s all in good fun, they say. But if you’re wearing your grandmother’s lace wedding dress, you might want to think twice.

In Scotland, it’s not just the bride and groom who get some ‘special treatment.’ Before the wedding day, friends and family often play pranks on the couple. From locking the bride in a room to filling their car with balloons or even abandoning them in the middle of nowhere – it’s all about testing their mettle and their sense of humor.

2. Mongolia: Love, Lassos, and Lungs of Steel

funny dating and marriage traditions in mongolia
Photo Credit : ChinaDaily.com

In Mongolia, love isn’t all flowers and chocolates. If you’re interested in someone, you challenge them to a race on horseback. And here’s the twist – you’ve got to use whips. As if finding love weren’t hard enough, right? If your crush can’t keep up, you win the honor of marrying them. Now, that’s what we call a high-stakes race for romance!

3. South Korea: Live Like Newlyweds

korean marriage tradition
Photo Credit : Deposit Photo

The first year of marriage can be a challenging transition for some couples. But in South Korea, there’s a unique twist to it. They have a tradition called ‘조달금’ (jodalgeum), where the husband gives his wife a small sum of money each day for her to save or spend as she pleases. This practice helps couples ease into married life. Plus, it’s a bit like having a daily surprise gift – who wouldn’t love that?

4. Fiji: Test of Strength

fiji wedding facts
Photo Credit : Everyavenuetravel.com

Fijians take the phrase “love is a battlefield” quite literally. In the traditional “bulubulu”, a Fijian courtship ritual, men engage in a physical contest. They showcase their strength, agility, and endurance to win the heart of their beloved. Talk about putting your love on the line! Whoever said chivalry is dead clearly hasn’t witnessed this impressive display of brawn and bravado.

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5. Niger: Marital Blankets – Keeping the Love Alive

In Niger, a unique practice among the Wodaabe tribe involves a bit of a ‘spouse-swapping’ dance. Yes, you read that right! Married men attend a week-long Gerewol festival where they perform songs and dances to woo other men’s wives. And if the women are enticed by a new partner’s performance, they’re free to choose a ‘spouse’ for the night. It’s like a love-filled dance-off!

6. India: Astrology Says ‘I Do’

In India, it’s not just about finding the right person; it’s also about the right celestial moment. Many couples consult astrologers to determine the most auspicious date and time for their wedding. Imagine the conversations – “Sorry, we can’t get married this weekend; Mars is in retrograde.”

In India, weddings are vibrant, elaborate affairs. But here’s a peculiar tradition: the groom must bargain for the return of his shoes. During the ceremony, the bride’s sisters and friends steal the groom’s shoes, and he can only get them back by offering money or gifts. It’s a lighthearted exchange, but it adds a touch of playful mischief to the proceedings. And let’s be honest, negotiating skills are essential in any marriage!

7. China: A Proposal with a Nutty Twist

chinese funny dating and marriage traditions
Photo Credit : Getty Images

In China, marriage proposals can take an unconventional route. Men proposing to their beloved often give them nuts, particularly walnuts, but here’s the kicker: the women have to crack the nuts open to find the ring inside. If she’s skilled at nut-cracking, she’ll be even more impressive as a life partner. But if she struggles, well, let’s hope it’s the thought that counts.

8. France: Community ‘Breakfast in Bed’

french wedding facts
Photo Credit : Getty Images

In France, the morning after the wedding is anything but private. Friends and family of the newlyweds often gather outside their home, making noise, singing, and demanding entry. Once they’re allowed in, they serve the couple breakfast in bed. So much for that romantic post-wedding lie-in!

Ah, the French and their love for wine. In France, it’s customary for the newlyweds to be force-fed alcohol. Friends and family gather, and the couple is encouraged to drink from a shared goblet. It’s believed that this act ensures a robust and hearty marriage. Cheers to that! Although, if you’re not a fan of wine, you might want to reconsider your wedding destination.

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9. Japan: Love Letters to… Themselves?

japan valentines day
Photo Credit : Getty Images

Ever felt a pang of loneliness on Valentine’s Day? In Japan, there’s a quirky tradition called “Kokuhaku” where people confess their feelings to their crushes. But here’s the twist: on Valentine’s Day, women give chocolates to men. And if that’s not odd enough, a month later, on White Day, men reciprocate. But worry not, singles! If you’re feeling left out, Japan has “Kokuhaku No Hi” (Confession Day), where you can confess your love to yourself. Talk about self-love, quite literally!

In Japan, Valentine’s Day has a twist. Women give chocolates to men on February 14th, and then, a month later on White Day, men are expected to return the favor. And if that’s not enough, there’s Black Day on April 14th, when singles who didn’t receive anything on the previous two days gather to eat black noodles and commiserate. All we can say is, let the chocolate wars begin!

10. Indonesia: Love, No Exit

indonesian marriage traditions
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In Indonesia, newly married couples embark on a truly unique journey. After the wedding, they’re confined to their home for three days. Sounds romantic? Well, there’s a catch – they can’t leave, not even for the restroom! It’s a test of love, endurance, and bladder control all rolled into one. Here’s hoping they have a strong Wi-Fi connection and an endless supply of snacks!

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11. Germany: Breaking Plates, Breaking Barriers

germany wedding facts
Photo Credit: Pinterest @everafterguide

In Germany, when it comes to weddings, there’s a smashing tradition – literally! Guests at weddings break porcelain dishes. It’s believed that the noise scares away evil spirits and brings good luck to the couple. Imagine the cleanup after that celebration! But hey, if you’re going to start a life together, might as well begin with a bang, right?

Conclusion: Funny Dating and Marriage Traditions

And there you have it, an enthralling exploration of the weird, wonderful, and often wacky world of dating and marriage practices from around the globe. These traditions remind us that love can be both a serious commitment and a joyful celebration, proving that no matter where you’re from, love is a universal language with its own dictionary of quirks.

So, as you navigate your own romantic journey, remember that laughter and love go hand in hand. Here’s to a world filled with more heartwarming and side-splittingly funny love stories! Cheers to love, laughter, and the delightful weirdness of the human heart.

Love truly knows no boundaries, and these customs prove that in the most entertaining ways possible. So, the next time you attend a wedding or find yourself in the midst of a whirlwind romance, remember, there’s a whole wide world of quirky traditions out there, making love even more colorful and, well, peculiar! Happy dating and here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and cultural curiosities!

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