15 Unusual Stories Behind Famous Logos

Brand Quirks: 15 Famous Logos With Hidden Messages

Did you ever wonder about the stories behind famous logos and brands? Brands are like people, with stories that are sometimes stranger than fiction. Dive into the world of iconic logos and discover the amusing anecdotes and hidden messages behind them that will leave you chuckling and scratching your head.

Join us on this humorous journey as we unveil the entertaining and unexpected stories hidden behind the logos and names of some of the world’s most famous brands. From Amazon’s arrow to Barbie’s origin, these quirky brand stories prove that there’s more to logos than meets the eye. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we dive into the intriguing world of brand humor and history.

History of Famous Logos

1. Amazon’s Curved Arrow: A to Z of Delivery Magic

amazon logo story
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Ever noticed the arrow in Amazon’s logo? It starts from ‘A’ and gracefully curves to ‘Z.’ It’s not just a smile, it represents how Amazon delivers everything from ‘A’ to ‘Z,’ implying a seamless shopping experience. Who would’ve thought a simple arrow could hold such a witty message?

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2. Pepsi’s Digestive Origins

Pepsi, the beloved cola, actually got its name from ‘pepsin,’ an enzyme that aids digestion. When it was first created, it was promoted as a digestive aid. Well, who knew that a fizzy drink could be associated with helping your stomach too? Maybe that’s the real reason it pairs so well with burgers!

3. Google’s ‘BackRub’ Beginnings

stories behind famous logos
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Before Google became Google, it was called ‘BackRub.’ Yes, you read that right. The search engine’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, initially named it BackRub because it ranked pages based on their backlinks. Fortunately, they switched to ‘Google’ – a play on the word ‘googol,’ which means the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. Much catchier, don’t you think?

4. Facebook’s True Blue Identity

Why is Facebook’s logo blue? Mark Zuckerberg, the genius behind Facebook, is red-green colorblind. Blue happens to be the color he sees best. So, in a twist of irony, the world’s largest social media platform ended up being predominantly blue. Now, that’s a color choice driven by personal vision, quite literally!

5. Twitter’s Little Blue Birdie, Lary

twitter logo story
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The Twitter bird has a name – it’s Lary. This little blue birdie isn’t just a symbol of tweeting; it’s also got its own identity. Now, the next time you tweet, you can imagine Lary delivering your thoughts to the world!

6. Louis Vuitton’s Napoleon Connection

When Napoleon’s wife needed someone to make box covers and pack her luggage, she hired a young box-maker named LOUIS VUITTON. Little did she know that this decision would spark the creation of a luxury brand that would become a symbol of sophistication and style.

7. VOLKSWAGEN’s ‘People’s Car’ Legacy

volkswagon logo story
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The name VOLKSWAGEN means ‘Peoples Car‘ in German. It’s quite a fitting name for a car brand that aimed to provide affordable and reliable vehicles for everyone. Volkswagen’s Beetle became an icon of this vision, becoming one of the most recognizable cars in history.

8. Nokia’s Wood Mill Roots

The famous mobile brand Nokia started its journey as a wood mill in Finland. Who would’ve guessed that the tech giant was once in the wood business? It’s a reminder that even the most high-tech brands have humble beginnings.

9. LEGO’s Playful Etymology

lego logo story
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LEGO, the iconic toy brand, isn’t just a random name. It’s derived from the Danish phrase “Leg Godt,” which means “play well.” It’s like the brand is giving you an instruction right in its name: Play well with these building blocks of imagination!

10. Nike’s Goddess of Victory

The sports brand Nike was named after the Greek goddess of victory, and it’s fitting considering their commitment to winning. But did you know that Nike was also the winged goddess who could run and fly at incredible speeds? It’s like wearing Nike shoes would give you wings – at least on the track!

11. Levi Strauss’s Aristocratic Humility

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Levi Strauss, the founder of the iconic denim brand, was an aristocrat. He didn’t wear his brand of denim pants because they were meant for the labor class. It’s a bit like the owner of a gourmet restaurant preferring fast food – sometimes, you’ve got to let your creations speak for themselves.

12. The Mercedes Connection

‘Mercedes’ is named after Mercedes Jellinek, the daughter of businessman Emil Jellinek, who bought Daimler vehicles (the parent company of Mercedes). It’s like naming a car brand after your kid – talk about a unique legacy!

13. Adobe’s Riverside Inspiration

adobe logo story
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The name Adobe came from the river Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of Adobe Systems Inc’s co-founder John Warnock. Imagine a company name inspired by a backyard creek! It’s a reminder that even the most tech-savvy companies have a touch of nature in their origins.

14. Amazon’s Cadabara to… Amazon?

Amazon was originally named ‘Cadabara‘ – yes, you read that right! Founder Jeff Bezos wanted a name that started with ‘A’ so it would appear at the top of alphabetical lists. However, ‘Cadabara’ sounded too much like ‘cadaver,’ which isn’t the best association for a shopping site. Luckily, ‘Amazon‘ was chosen, and the rest is history.

15. The Barbie Backstory

barbie story
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The famous toy BARBIE’s real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Creator Ruth Handler named the doll after her daughter, Barbara. And here we were thinking Barbie was just a catchy name. Who knew it had a real story behind it?


In a world where logos are everywhere, it’s fascinating to peel back the layers and discover the humorous and unexpected stories behind world famous brands. These tales prove that behind every logo is a rich history, often sprinkled with a dash of randomness and a whole lot of creativity.

These fun facts about the famous logos demonstrate the creativity, inspiration, and sometimes pure coincidence that played a role in shaping these iconic brands. From Amazon’s customer-centric arrow to the aristocratic twist in Levi Strauss’s tale, these stories will surely leave you chuckling and appreciating the quirkiness of branding.

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