Facts about Target Dog Breed

Who Is the Target Dog? Everything You Need to Know About the Target Dog Breed

target dog name bullseye
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Target, the retail giant, offers everything from groceries and household essentials to fashionable clothing and entertaining toys. Imagine strolling through the vibrant aisles of Target, filling your cart with everything from everyday necessities to trendy clothing and delightful toys. Target has a way of capturing your shopping heart, complete with those giant red spheres adorning their entrances.

Yet, amidst this retail wonderland, there’s one charming icon that many adore but don’t know much about. Yes, it’s the lovable Target mascot – Bullseye, the white dog with the iconic red “target” circle around one eye.

With its iconic red bullseye logo, Target has become a beloved shopping destination for millions. While the store’s allure is undeniable, its furry mascot often steals the spotlight. Let’s dive into the world of the Target dog, Bullseye, and learn more about this charismatic Target dog breed.

Facts About Target Dog Breed – Bull Terrier

target dog breed
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First things first – our star’s name is Bullseye, which aligns perfectly with the Target logo’s “target” theme. Bullseye holds the prestigious title of the official mascot of Target Corporation. With over two decades in the limelight, this furry wonder has won countless hearts. Let’s delve into the delightful details of this four-legged celebrity!

What’s the Target Dog’s Name?

The adorable pup’s name is Bullseye, which perfectly complements the Target logo—a bullseye. Bullseye is the official mascot of the Target Corporation and plays a crucial role in various marketing campaigns and commercials. Interestingly, every Bullseye so far has been a female dog. In fact, there are currently six different Bullseyes! We’ll explore this fascinating tidbit further.

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What Breed Is the Target Dog?

The Target dog, Bullseye, is a white bull terrier, affectionately known as a “bullie.” These dogs are medium-sized with muscular builds and distinctive rounded heads. Despite their robust appearance, bull terriers are known for their affectionate, loving, and goofy personalities.

Bullseye, the embodiment of this breed, has a remarkable life that includes strolling down red carpets, mingling with celebrities, and even enjoying first-class airplane seats. We’ll delve into why so many logos use the color red, including the Target emblem.

Is Target Dog a Male or Female?

It’s essential to clarify that Bullseye, the lovable Target dog, is actually a female. In fact, every iteration of Bullseye has been portrayed by a female dog, and as mentioned earlier, there are six of them. We’ll explore this fun fact in more detail.

Are Bullseye’s Markings Real?

target bullseye markings
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The iconic red and white bullseye marking over Bullseye’s eye is undoubtedly real, but it’s also completely safe. Professional makeup artists use vegetable-based paint, approved by the Humane Society, to apply this distinctive logo. So, you can rest assured that this unique look is both non-toxic and safe. We’ll learn more about the history and significance of the Target dog.

The History of the Target Dog

Bullseye first made her debut in 1999 as part of the “Sign of the Times” advertising campaign, set to the tune of Petula Clark’s “A Sign of the Times.” Her introduction was an instant hit, prompting the Target marketing team to feature her prominently in various marketing materials.

Bullseye quickly became a star, gracing print ads, digital campaigns, and even appearing on the first-ever Target Gift Card design.

Bullseye Merchandise and More

target dog merchandise
Photo Credit: Target.com

Bullseye became a plush toy sensation with a 15-inch stuffed version in 1999, later downsizing to a more manageable 7-inch option. In 2001, Target introduced a range of outfits and accessories for this adorable pup. Exclusive Bullseye merchandise has been an irresistible charm available at Target since 2004.

The Rise to Fame of Target Dog

target dog breed bullseye
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Bullseye isn’t the only iconic figure in Target’s history. The red and white “bullseye” logo originated in 1962, but it was the 1999 “Sign of the Times” campaign that elevated it to a beloved emblem symbolizing all that Target represents.

The charismatic Bullseye left an indelible mark in the hearts of Target shoppers. In 1999, this delightful pup graced one of the first Target Gift Card designs, and she hasn’t left since. The lovable Bullseye was so popular that Target launched Bullseye dog plush toys in 1999, with a variety of adorable outfits.

In 2003, Bullseye took the stage again in Target’s “See. Spot. Save.” campaign, captivating the public with her charm. She quickly became an integral part of American pop culture, making appearances at red-carpet events and even earning a wax statue at Madame Tussauds Museum in New York – the first animal to receive such an honor.

Target Dog Today

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Today, Bullseye continues to captivate audiences worldwide. She often graces Target store openings and other significant events, showcasing impeccable manners, even on airplanes where she occupies her own seat. However, Bullseye’s fame has reached such heights that she now shares her role with several other white bull terriers.

Currently, six dogs are prepared to step into Bullseye’s shoes, ensuring her legacy lives on.These talented dogs are trained by David McMillan, operator of Worldwide Movie Animals, and live together on a ranch in California. We’ll get a closer look at Bullseye’s ongoing journey as a beloved mascot.

The Bull Terrier Breed

target dog breed bull terrier
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The bull terrier breed has a fascinating history, originating in the early 1800s when breeders crossed “bull and terrier” breeds. By selectively breeding, these dogs evolved into the bull terriers we know today. The first official bull terrier, “Lord Gladiator,” appeared in 1917, boasting the signature egg-shaped head and smooth snout.

This breed rapidly gained popularity, with even figures like President Theodore Roosevelt and General George S. Patton Jr. owning bull terriers. We’ll explore the origin and characteristics of this breed.

Bull Terrier Appearance

Today’s bull terriers stand around 21 to 22 inches tall and weigh between 50 to 70 pounds. There’s also a miniature bull terrier breed, growing 10 to 14 inches tall and weighing 18 to 28 pounds. Despite the size difference, both varieties exhibit the iconic egg-shaped head, smooth face, small triangular eyes, and pointed ears. These features give them a charming and, at times, comical appearance.

Additionally, bull terriers come in various colors and patterns, from solid to spotted and brindle striping. We’ll delve further into their characteristics and personality.

Bull Terrier Personality

While bull terriers might appear intimidating with their small eyes and robust build, they have a playful, independent, and sometimes stubborn side. These dogs require ample exercise, early socialization, and consistent training.

However, their lovable, devoted, and entertaining nature makes them a beloved canine companion. Their playful antics might lead to mischief, but their irresistible charm melts hearts, making them the “ultimate personality breed” as per the American Kennel Club.

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Conclusion – Target Dog Legacy

As an iconic figure of the Target dog breed, Bullseye has truly brought the brand to life and captured the hearts of countless fans. With thousands of mentions on Instagram alone, Bullseye’s popularity is undeniable. As she continues to charm the world, we can only wonder about the adventures that lie ahead for this iconic canine. Now that you’ve discovered the Target mascot’s story, explore these hidden messages in frequently seen company logos.

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