Most Popular McDonald’s Menu Items Worldwide

Special McDonald’s Menu Items from Around the World

When you think of McDonald’s, you might picture their iconic Big Mac and crispy French fries. However, McDonald’s, the global fast-food giant, has a surprising twist in every country it enters. The menu items vary significantly, reflecting local tastes and cultural preferences. Let’s embark on a culinary adventure and explore some of the most popular McDonald’s menu items from around the world.

Popular Menu Items at McDonald’s in Asia

Japan – Koroke Burger:

mcdonalds menu japan
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In Japan, we stumble upon the one-of-a-kind Koroke Burger. Its patty comprises mashed potato, cabbage, and katsu sauce—an innovative combination that marries Japanese cuisine with the classic McDonald’s touch.

Malaysia – Bubur Ayam McD:

In Malaysia, one of the most beloved McDonald’s dishes is Bubur Ayam McD. It’s a delightful combination of rice with chicken, ginger, onion, shallots, and chili peppers. This warm and comforting dish holds a special place in the hearts of Malaysians, offering a taste of local flavors and culinary traditions.

Egypt – McArabia:

Venturing into Egypt, McDonald’s presents the mouthwatering McArabia—a grilled chicken sandwich in pita bread accompanied by crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, onions, and delectable tahini sauce. This inventive blend fuses traditional Egyptian flavors with fast-food convenience.

South Korea – Bulgogi Burger:

Korean BBQ masterpiece Bulgogi steals the spotlight in South Korea’s McDonald’s menu through the Bulgogi Burger. A beef patty marinated in flavorful bulgogi sauce is garnished with lettuce and mayo within a sesame seed bun – an irresistible melding of Korean taste and quick-service.

India – McAloo Tikki:

mcdonalds india menu
Photo Credit : Business Insider India

Traveling to India, we discover McAloo Tikki, a vegetarian masterpiece. This burger features a fried patty made from potatoes, peas, and spices, topped with fresh tomatoes and vegetarian mayonnaise. McAloo Tikki caters to the diverse Indian palate, making it a popular choice among vegetarians.

Hong Kong – Rice Cake Burger:

In Hong Kong, the familiar burger takes on a whole new form. The Rice Cake Burger replaces traditional sesame seed buns with delicate rice cakes, offering a different texture and flavor profile. This creative adaptation caters to local preferences for rice-based dishes.

China – Spicy McChicken:

Spice lovers in China turn to the Spicy McChicken, a burger featuring a spicy chicken patty, lettuce, and mayo, all served in a sesame seed bun. It’s a delightful combination of heat and flavor.

Singapore – Nasi Lemak Burger:

This uniquely Singaporean burger features a coconut-flavored chicken thigh patty, fried egg, cucumber slices, and a special sambal (spicy chili paste) sauce, all served on a semolina bun. It’s a delicious fusion of local flavors.

Philippines – McSpaghetti:

A creative Filipino spin on an Italian staple, McSpaghetti boasts spaghetti noodles covered in sweet Filipino-style tomato sauce with savory sausage slices.

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Popular Menu Items at McDonald’s in Europe

Greece – Greek Mac:

Popular McDonald's Menu Items
Photo Credit : Business Insider India

Greece’s Greek Mac combines a beef patty with a refreshing Greek salad and silky tzatziki sauce. It transports you to the Mediterranean, blending age-old Greek tastes with modern fast-food techniques.

Italy – Ciabatta Burgers:

Italy introduces us to Ciabatta Burgers, where succulent burgers come served on ciabatta rolls and feature the rich flavors of pancetta. It’s a harmonious marriage of Italian culinary traditions and fast-food convenience.

France – Croque McDo:

France brings elegance to fast food with the Croque McDo, a sandwich reminiscent of the classic Croque Monsieur, with ham and Emmental cheese. It’s a taste of French sophistication served quickly and conveniently.

Netherlands – McKroket:

mcdonalds netherland menu
Photo Credit : Business Insider India

The Netherlands serves the McKroket, a deep-fried roll filled with savory beef ragout. This Dutch favorite has found its place on the McDonald’s menu, delighting both locals and tourists.

Germany – McSausage Burger:

The distinctive McSausage Burger hails from Germany, flaunting a patty made of sausage. This dish embodies German culinary diversity while injecting variety into McDonald’s offerings.

United Kingdom – Mincemeat and Custard Pie:

During the festive Christmas season in the UK, McDonald’s rolls out a novel dessert – the Mincemeat and Custard Pie, infusing their menu with a hint of tradition.

Popular Menu Items at McDonald’s in the Americas

United States – Big Mac:

popular mcdonald's menu items
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The United States, the birthplace of McDonald’s, proudly boasts the Big Mac as its flagship burger. This iconic sandwich consists of two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions, all sandwiched between a three-part sesame seed bun. It’s a burger that has become synonymous with McDonald’s worldwide.

Chile – McPollo:

In Chile, McPollo is a crowd-pleaser. It consists of breaded chicken covered in guacamole, offering a taste of Chilean flavors and ingredients.

Costa Rica – McPinto Deluxe:

Over in Costa Rica, the McPinto Deluxe showcases a sumptuous burger chock-full of rice, beans, and plantains. This dish upholds the fundamental elements of Costa Rican cuisine, tempting visitors to indulge.

Canada – Poutine:

mcdonalds canada menu
Photo Credit : Business Insider India

In Canada, McDonald’s offers a unique twist on a classic Canadian dish – Poutine. It’s a heap of crispy fries topped with savory gravy and cheese curds. Poutine at McDonald’s combines the familiarity of fast food with the comforting warmth of traditional Canadian cuisine.

Argentina – Wine:

Argentina offers an unexpected pairing: wine with your McDonald’s meal. This addition lends a refined touch, elevating the Argentine fast-food experience.

Brazil – McFeijoada:

For those craving a taste of Brazil, McDonald’s serves the McFeijoada, inspired by the country’s national dish. It features black bean stew with smoked sausage and pork, all served with rice. It’s a hearty option that brings a bit of Brazil to fast-food lovers.

Mexico – McMollete:

mcdonalds mexico menu
Photo Credit : Business Insider India

Mexico’s McDonald’s menu includes McMollete, a creative breakfast option. It features English muffins topped with refried beans, white cheese, and salsa, reflecting the rich flavors of Mexican cuisine.

Hawaii – Spam

In Hawaii, McDonald’s serves Spam as part of its breakfast offerings. Spam is a beloved ingredient in Hawaiian cuisine, and McDonald’s honors this local favorite by including it on the breakfast menu.

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Popular Menu Items at McDonald’s in the Middle East

Egypt – McArabia:

We return to Egypt to savor the McArabia, which offers a taste of the Middle East with its grilled chicken in pita bread, lettuce, tomato, onion, and tahini sauce.

Israel – Kosher McDonald’s:

mcdonalds israel menu
Photo Credit : Business Insider India

In Israel, McDonald’s adheres to kosher dietary laws and respects cultural norms by offering kosher food options. This showcases McDonald’s ability to adapt to local customs and traditions.

Turkey – McTurco:

Rounding out our adventure is the McTurco from Turkey. Boasting grilled chicken or beef nestled within Arabic bread, it’s adorned with garlic sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes. In some places, this popular sandwich elevates McDonald’s status, exemplifying how the brand’s image varies across countries.

United Arab Emirates – The McArabia Surprise:

The UAE is home to the popular McArabia, consisting of grilled chicken or beef tucked into Arabic bread, accompanied by garlic sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes. This mouthwatering mix of Middle Eastern cuisine and fast-food flair caters perfectly to local tastes.

Popular Menu Items at McDonald’s in Oceania

Australia – McOz Burger:

In the land down under, feast on the distinct McOz Burger, featuring a succulent beef patty adorned with lettuce, cheese, bacon, and an Aussie twist – beetroot. This refreshing addition solidifies its status as a beloved Australian staple.

New Zealand – Georgie Pie:

mcdonalds new zealand menu
Photo Credit : Business Insider India

In New Zealand, the Georgie Pie is a fan favorite. It features a savory mince and cheese filling inside a flaky pastry. This Kiwi classic has found its place on the McDonald’s menu, preserving a slice of New Zealand’s culinary history.


As we conclude our culinary journey, we’ve discovered that McDonald’s, while famous for its hamburgers, adapts its menu to suit the tastes and traditions of each country it enters. The key takeaways from McDonald’s global success include understanding local preferences, offering products with international appeal, embracing new brand attributes, recognizing the importance of “small markets,” and, most importantly, letting customers dictate what they want.

McDonald’s ability to adapt and innovate has made it a global phenomenon. Whether you’re in Malaysia enjoying Bubur Ayam McD or in Argentina sipping wine with your meal, McDonald’s offers a diverse and unique culinary experience around the world. The next time you travel, consider exploring McDonald’s local menu offerings – you might just discover a new favorite.

In this ever-changing world of fast food, one thing remains constant:  Whether it’s a classic Big Mac or a unique breakfast twist, McDonald’s continues to bring global flavors to its customers’ plates.

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