Top 20 Unknown Facts about The Beatles

20 Unknown Facts about the Most Influential Band: The Beatles

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The Beatles are the epitome of musical icons and are still considered the top music group even after almost 60 years since their formation. They’re also what every boy band aspires to, and at one point, they were the biggest thing on earth.

The Liverpool band is considered by many to be not only musical but cultural icons. The phenomenal band left its mark on the entire world through their music, making them rock deities.

Such an iconic and legendary band is recognized by all, but there are still some things even the most die-hard Beatles fan may not know about the Fab Four. Below, we have listed some unknown facts about the dominant mainstream rock group.

Top 20 Unknown Facts about The Beatles

1. Best Pop Album of All Time by the Vatican

Religious groups and The Beatles did not usually mix, and there was a huge controversy and backlash against The Beatles when John Lennon remarked that the group was bigger than Jesus in March 1966. However, The Beatles’ music transcended religion, and in 2010, their album “Revolver” was named the best pop album in history by the Vatican. The Vatican also pardoned The Beatles for the comment made by Lennon in 1966.

2. Beatlemania Was Declared by a 15-Year-Old Girl

Although The Beatles were hugely popular in Britain in 1964, they weren’t as popular across the pond. Popularity in the US only began after a teenage girl named Marsha Albert from Maryland called a radio station after watching a segment on the band on TV. She called a radio station and asked RJ why they can’t have this kind of music in the US. After RJ performed “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” the demand for Beatles songs increased overnight, and soon Beatlemania took over the airwaves.

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3. “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and LSD Connection

“Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” is one of the best psychedelic songs ever written, and most people think the song is about the psychedelic drug LSD or Lysergic Acid. The lyrics, the album, the music, and an era in which it was released all point to it being a song about LSD, but Beatles members Paul McCartney and John Lennon have denied the rumors. Even the shortening of the songs indicates a reference to LSD as when “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” is shortened, it conjures our LSD.

4. None of The Beatles Could Read Traditional Music Notation

The Beatles are undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians in the world, but perhaps to a lot of surprise is the fact that they could not read the staff notations in which music is traditionally written. John Lennon also said that none of The Beatles were talented in traditional music and not as talented as studio musicians.

5. George Harrison Survived an Assassination Attempt

hidden facts about the beatles
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John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman in 1980, and fellow Beatle George Harrison also faced an assassination attempt at his home. Michael Abram broke into George Harrison’s house in 1991 and tried to kill him. Although it was initially thought to be a robbery gone wrong, it was later found that Abram was mentally ill and hearing voices in his head. He thought The Beatles were witches.

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6. The Beatles Were Initially Dropped by Decca Records

At a time when The Beatles had yet to encapsulate the whole world in their music and charm, they approached Decca Records and asked them for a record deal. But the record company did not sign them, and they were signed by Parlophone and George Martin. George Martin is also known as the fifth Beatle for his involvement with the band. When they were signed to Parlophone, their drummer was Pete Best and not Ringo Starr. Martin replaced Best, and Starr made the group into internationally revered musical icons.

7. The Fab Four Were Introduced to LSD by George Harrison’s Dentist

The incident occurred when George Harrison, John Lennon, and their wives were having dinner at a two-bedroom flat near London with Harrison’s dentist in April 1965. They were eating dinner in the dining room but had left the room and gone into the parlor, where the dentist was secretly slipping LSD into their coffees. Both Beatles describe the experience of the drug as surreal.

8. The Beatles Wanted to Start Their Own Community on the Greek Islands

While in their prime, The Beatles almost started a community on the islands off the coast of Athens, Greece. The attempt was particularly supported by John Lennon, who said, “They tried everything else. Wars, nationalism, fascism, communism, capitalism, hatred, religion – none of it works. Then why not this?”

Perhaps Lennon “imagined” a community without borders and human suffering like his song.

9. The Beatles Officially Disbanded at Disney World

An article in The Daily Mail published the moment May Pang (Lennon’s ex-girlfriend) recalled when John Lennon officially ended The Beatles at Disney World. Lennon signed the papers that would officially disband the group in 1970. McCartney officially announced that the group would break up on April 10, 1970.

10. Strawberry Field Exists and Is a Real Place

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“Strawberry Fields Forever” might rank among the best psychedelic rock songs in history, but despite the dreamy lyrics, Strawberry Fields is a current place, a children’s home near where John Lennon grew up. The Salvation Army Children’s Home is where John Lennon used to sneak off and play despite his aunt’s best efforts. The lyrics of the famous song may refer to a utopia, but in reality, it refers to a children’s home full of difficulties.

11. The Beatles’ “White Album” Cover Has a Serial Number

The minimalist cover of The Beatles’ self-titled album, commonly known as the “White Album,” features a unique serial number stamped on each copy. This individualized touch adds a distinctive element to an otherwise plain design. The idea was to create a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness for each listener.

12. Paul McCartney’s Original Name Was Not Paul

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Before he became the legendary Paul McCartney, his birth name was James Paul McCartney. However, he preferred the name Paul from an early age and later legally dropped James. This change reflected McCartney’s desire for a simpler and more recognizable identity.

13. The Beatles’ Song “Hey Jude” Was Inspired by John Lennon’s Son

“Hey Jude,” one of The Beatles’ classic hits, was written by Paul McCartney to comfort John Lennon’s son, Julian, during his parents’ divorce. The original title was “Hey Jules.” McCartney’s empathetic gesture showcased the emotional depth in their songwriting.

14. The Beatles Featured Animal Noises in Their Songs

In the song “Good Morning, Good Morning” from the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album, The Beatles incorporated various animal sounds, including a rooster, horses, and cats. These subtle additions showcased their experimental approach to music. The intention was to create a sonic collage that added layers of complexity to the composition.

15. The Beatles Recorded “Abbey Road” in Two Weeks

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Despite its status as one of their most iconic albums, The Beatles recorded “Abbey Road” in just two weeks. The efficiency of the recording process highlighted the band’s exceptional musical chemistry. The rapid production showcased their ability to seamlessly translate ideas into timeless music.

16. John Lennon’s Tooth Sold at Auction

In 2011, a Canadian dentist purchased John Lennon’s tooth at an auction for over $31,000. The unusual item became a unique collector’s piece, reflecting the enduring fascination with anything related to The Beatles. Lennon’s tooth symbolized the extraordinary lengths fans would go to possess a tangible connection to the band.

17. The Beatles Were Initially Known as The Quarrymen

Before adopting the name The Beatles, the band was first known as The Quarrymen, a name inspired by the Quarry Bank High School, where John Lennon and several other members attended. This early moniker highlights the humble origins of the legendary group.

18. George Harrison Was Briefly a Bandit in “A Hard Day’s Night”

During the filming of “A Hard Day’s Night,” George Harrison had a brief role as a masked bandit in a scene set in a field. His impromptu appearance added a touch of humor to the film. Harrison’s playful cameo showcased the camaraderie and spontaneity within the band.

19. Ringo Starr Temporarily Left The Beatles During the “White Album” Sessions

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Ringo Starr briefly left the band during the recording of the “White Album” due to tensions within the group. He returned a few weeks later, emphasizing the challenges faced during the intense studio sessions. Starr’s temporary departure shed light on the interpersonal dynamics within the band.

20. The Beatles’ Rooftop Concert Was Their Final Live Performance

The impromptu rooftop concert on the roof of Apple Corps in London on January 30, 1969, marked The Beatles’ final live performance. It was a fitting conclusion to their remarkable journey as a live music phenomenon. The rooftop concert showcased their commitment to spontaneity and the joy of live music.

Summary: Lesser Known Facts about the Beatles

We have had a glimpse into the intriguing facts that illuminate lesser-known dimensions of The Beatles. From the “White Album” bearing unique serial numbers to the heartfelt origins of “Hey Jude,” each detail unveils a unique facet of the band’s journey. Explore the swift recording of “Abbey Road” and the iconic rooftop concert, marking the conclusion of live performances.

These facts offer a window into The Beatles’ unmatched influence and musical innovation. We trust you’ve enjoyed this brief journey into the concealed treasures of The Beatles’ legacy!

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