10 Amazing Facts about France

Most Visited Country

France is Worlds favorite Tourist destination. Around 50 million tourist visited France in 2021

Napolean wasn't Short

Against the popular belief that Napolean wasn't short, he was actually stood  5 feet 5 inches. As many of his Generals were taller, he appeared shorter.

Home of Baguettes

France bakes 10 million Baguettes evey year. French love their Baguettes.

High Depression rates

20 percent of French have suffer from depression till now. When it comes to depression France is on the top of the list.

Napolean the Pig

This mystery was considered a French Law. But that was just a myth. In reality the publisher of "Animal Farm" didn't want to name the pig Napoleon. Finally in 1981, this fictional pig got its historical name back.

Dr. Guillotin's Guillotin

Dr Antoine and Dr Guillotin invented The guillotine, a grim icon of the French Revolution, to humanize executions. 1977 was the last time it was used.

French : Official Language of England

French was the official language of England for 300 years, begining 1066. It was the language of the English aristocracy, while the common folk spoke Middle English.

Oldest Bridge in Paris

"Pont-Neuf" as its called, is the oldest bridge amongst the many romantic bridges in Paris and is a historical gem.

Disneyland Paris

Home to Mickey and Minnie mouse, the Disneyland steals the show more than Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Its the most visited place in France.

Croissant is Austrian

This pastry every French loves and is associated with France is not really French. Its ancestor is the Austrian kipferl. The croissant wasn't known until the 17th century.

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