10 Funny Dating and Marriage Traditions 

Scotland Blackening of Bride and Groom is an unusual pre-wedding tradition.

Mongolians are interested in someone who can challenge them to a race on horseback.

In South Korea husband gives his wife a small sum of money each day. Who would not like such a daily sweet surprise.

Fiji : showcase their strength, agility, and endurance to win the heart of their beloved.

India : Many couples consult astrologers to determine the most auspicious date and time for their wedding. During the ceremony, the bride’s sisters and friends steal the groom’s shoes

China : Men proposing to their beloved often give them nuts, particularly walnuts, but here's the kicker: the women have to crack the nuts open to find the ring inside.

France : It’s customary for the newlyweds to be force-fed alcohol. Friends and family gather, and the couple is encouraged to drink from a shared goblet.

In Japan, Valentine's Day has a twist. Women give chocolates to men on February 14th, and then, a month later on White Day, men are expected to return the favor.

In Indonesia, newly married couples are confined to their home for three days.  They can’t leave, not even for the restroom!

Gernany : Guests at weddings break porcelain dishes. It’s believed that the noise scares away evil spirits and brings good luck to the couple.

Niger : Married men attend a week-long Gerewol festival where they perform songs and dances to woo other men's wives. And if the women are enticed by a new partner's performance, they're free to choose a 'spouse' for the night.

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