Love in the Spotlight: The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Romance

The Spark  ("July 8, 2023")

The first spark: Kelce caught the Eras Tour magic on July 8, 2023.

The Missed Connection ("July 26, 2023")

The missed connection: Kelce reveals his failed attempt to give Swift his number after the show.

Brotherly Support ("September 14, 2023")

Brotherly love: Jason Kelce plays coy about Travis and Taylor's budding romance.

ESPN's Playful Ref ("Sept 16, 2023")

ESPN joins the fun: Adam Schefter playfully references Swift in Travis Kelce's report.

Laughing It Off  ( "Sept 17, 2023")

Taking it in stride: Travis Kelce laughs off NFL’s Taylor Swift commentary.

Dating Dealbreakers ("Sept 19, 2023")

Kelce’s dating dealbreakers: High maintenance is out; humility and kindness are in.

Kelce at Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari podcast

Setting the Record Straight ("Sept 21, 2023")

Setting the record straight: Kelce throws the ball into Taylor's court.

The Game Changer ("Sept 24, 2023")

Game-changer: Swift surprises everyone by attending Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs game.

Getting to Know Each Other ("Sept 25, 2023")

Getting to know each other: The romance enters the 'super, super early days.

Taking It Seriously  ("Oct 27, 2023")

Taking it seriously: Source reveals the relationship is turning more serious.

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