10 Must Languages to Learn to Boost your future


There are over one Billion native speakers of Mandarin, and its set to become a global language with tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent. 


Hindi has 520 million native speakers and with the rise of India's as a economic power center and its vibrant culture makes Hindi a language of importance.


Including the Middle East and North Africa, over 400 million people speak Arabic. With the influence of Arabic nations in the area of energy and security, learning Arabic is important.


With over 220 million speakers worldwide, French is a language of diplomacy, philosophy and international relations. It can open doors to classic academic sources and International opportunities by learning French.


Spoken by almost half a billion native speakers across Spain and Latin America, Spanish offers a big business opportunities in the Latin American markets.


German is the language of the largest and powerful ecomony of Europe. Learning German, opens gates for easy access to high quality education for less fees and jobs and business opportunities.


Other than its native language in Portual, there are around 80% speakers in Brazil too. It gains importance with the rise of Brazil in the BRICS group.


Spoken by a few people but the Hebrew is a language of Israel which is a Startup Nation and a Tech hub. So learning this gives you advantage in the innovative tech world.


Japanese language proficiency is crucial if you want to participate in Japan's creative industries like Robotics and machine automation. Also study Japanese rich culture and history.


Spoken by over a quarter of a billion people, Russian is a language of the nation growing in energy, cybersecurity, and global politics. This gives opportunities in most dynamic nations.

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