Top 10 Overcrowded International Tourist Destinations

# 10  Miami, United States

Miami, United States experiences extreme tourist visitors making it over -crowded tourist location.

# 9  Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes Greece,  witnesses  tourist loads making it an overcrowded location.

# 8  Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy faces extreme tourist pressure making it an overcrowded location.

# 7  Heraklion, Greece

Heraklion Greece witnesses large number of tourist making it overcrowded.

# 6  MACAU

Macau, get over crowding tourist response each year. Its a popular tourist destination among travellers.

# 5  Hurghada Egypt

Hurghada, Egypt is a bustling tourist destination.

# 4  Mugla Turkey

Mugla, Turkey is an extremely popular tourist destination so it draws high number of  Tourist.

# 3 Krabi Thailand 

Krabi Island is immensely popular and is mostly overcrowded with tourist.

# 2  Pattaya Thailand 

Pattaya faces extreme crowds for its highly popular nightlife

#1  Phuket Thailand 

On the Top Spot, Ranks as  #1  over - crowded tourist vacation spot, with a astonishing 118.5 vacationers

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