Top 12 Widely Spoken Languages in the World


With a massive 1.45 billion speakers around the world, this West Germanic language, English is widely spoken language in the world.


Spoken by around 1.12 billion people, Mandarin is part of the Sino-Tibetan language family and standardized variety of the Chinese language. Its the official language of China, Taiwan and Singapore.


With around 622 million speakers, Hindi an Indo Aryan language is parmarily spoken in India. Its a popular language of India's biggest film Industry Bollywood.


Spanish is a Romance language with a rich history and widespread global use and spoken by 482 million speakers.


With around 310 million speakers, Arabic is a Semitic language spoken in the Arab world of middle East and North Africa.


French is a Romance language with estimated 274.1 million wpeakers. It has long history and a significant global presence. Its a first language in France, parts of Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and several other countries.


With estimated 230 million speakers, Rich in tradition, Bengali is official language of Bangladesh, Indian state of West Bengal, Andaman Nicobar and few east Indian states also have Bengali speakers.


Russian is a Slavic language, with 28.2 million speakers, mostly spoken in Russia and several other countries of the former Soviet Union. Russia's global influence and language significance remains prominent.


With an estimated 27.7 million speakers, Portuguese is a Romance language originating from the lberian Peninsula and is primarily spoken in Portugal, Brazil and several other countries and regions around the world.


With 231.5 million speakers, Urdu is spoken in South Asia, with significant communities of speakers in India, Pakistan and various diaspora communities around the world. Its Pakistan's official language.


Estimated 199 million speakers, Indonesian, also known as Bahasa Indonesia, is the official language of Indonesia. Majority of the Indonesians speak this language.


German is a West Germanic language primarily spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and parts of Italy and Belgium with around 134.5 million speakers. Germany has one of the largest and strongest economies of the world.

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